Sunday, October 21, 2012


Just realised today that it is not enough to start and finish projects, and even take pictures. One must remember to put them up in the blog :)
My sister asked me casually why I had not done anything since July. Oh Oops! Here it is!!
Of course, after that I have been a bit slack. I could blame it on my health, but the truth would be my new toy, the iPhone and the games it came with :)
Sunshiney was admired by all. I made it with the same polymix crochet thread I picked up in "town".
and the usual US #7 steel hook. The pattern is also the usual, my "as I went along" brainwave.
I'm happy to say my craft group really liked it.
Oh, I can blame them too for my slacking. My sister went to US and came back. Three others have gone to US. My sister-in-law is in Singapore on her way to US.
It's getting close to the music season in Chennai. But maybe that will give me the push I need to make me look busy:)


Blogger crazybard said...

It isn't the scorching, penetrating glare of agni nakshatra sunshine - it is the pale, soothing glance of sunshiney sunshine that warms the cockles in the cold winter mists. Pritty!

October 22, 2012 at 12:38 PM  

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