The Crafting Adventures of Anamika the Adept

Friday, February 8, 2013

UFO grows up!

UFO grew up and became FUFP yesterday :)

Had pictures taken and stuff.
Original pattern from the book 50 Sensational Crochet Afghans and Throws.
Underwent many changes and the border of course, is my own!
I used aluminum hook I. Not sure what hook Kirtana used.

Sooooo................ my young padawans, what new project is next in line?

Let us see!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

UFO comes out of the closet!!!!

Happy New Year!!

New Year resolution for 2013. Let us see how it goes :)
We went to our new house in Yelagiri. It was quite cool, the floors were cold, prompting me to go and search in my closet to start a new project. This one beckoned me and chided me for not finishing it. Kirtana had finished most of the motifs during her last visit. I have started finishing them and joining them. A border after and TA-DA ufo will be FP  and ready for posting. Sneak-peek for now :)